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What to do When Your Car Engine Overheats?

Things to Remember When Your Engine is Overheating   

A car engine is one of the essential parts without which the vehicle can’t run. So how do you know when it is overheating? Why is it overheating? This blog by Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON, attempts to answer all these questions and more.   

An engine comprises many components and needs to work together for the car to run. Some people think that an overheating engine is a sign of a problem with the engine. However, lots of other things can cause overheating. Please read ahead to know the tips to tackle this situation!  

How do I know if it is time to change my Tires? 

  • Avoid driving and pull over when you feel like your engine is overheating. Driving an overheated engine can lead to costly repairs and is unsafe as well.   
  • It is recommended to turn on the heater as it reduces strain and pressure on your vehicle’s engine. It will minimize warmth from the engine, and thus, there will be less burden on the cooling system.   

Why is My Vehicle Smoking? 

  • Wait for at least 15 minutes till the hood cools down, and then check if the coolant level in your vehicle is low. You can add coolant into the tank.   
Smoke coming out of an overheated engine.
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An overheated engine can be a severe problem, regardless of your vehicle type. We hope this blog post was helpful in giving some useful tips on what to do if you ever experience this problem.   

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