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A coffee shop board

Where Can I Get Coffee in the Listowel, Ontario Area?

Best Coffee Shops to Visit in the Listowel, Ontario Area

Coffee is probably one of the most popular drink choices among people of varying ages. If you’re a fan of coffee you might have a place that is your go-to coffee shop. However, sometimes we think it’s fun to switch it up and try new shops. Today, we will be sharing what we think are the best coffee shops to visit in the Listowel, Ontario area! Check them out!

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Newspapers at a bookstore

Where Can I Buy Books near Listowel, Ontario?

Best Bookstores to Visit near Listowel, ON

When the weather starts to warm up, we want to enjoy the nice weather as much as possible before it goes away. This includes going swimming, tending to the garden, and going on picnics. However, one popular and simple activity that many do to enjoy the weather is reading a book outside. If you are in search of a new book to read, keep reading for the best bookstores to visit near Listowel, ON!

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A group of vehicles driving on road

What Are the Weirdest Driving Laws in Canada?

When you get your license, you’re expected to follow the rules of the road. While most of us follow these rules, with the exception of the accidental lead foot, there might be some laws you didn’t know existed. These laws are some of the weirdest rules that make you wonder, “How did that law come about?” Join us today as we take a look at some of the weirdest driving laws in Canada!

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cartoon red car with dad, daughter, and dog in car and luggage on the roof or summer vacation

What are the Best Car Games for Road Trips?

Games to Play in the Car for Families, Adults, and Kids

Planning a summer vacation road trip with your family or friends? If you’re traveling across the country by car then you’ll want to plan some games to play to pass the time. Whether you want games for kids, adults, or for the entire family to enjoy, we’ve found some wonderful options for all!

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happy mother's day card next to a bouquet of flowers and a wrapped present

2018 Mother’s Day Dinners and Restaurants in Listowel, ON

There’s no better way to honor your mom on Mother’s Day than by taking her out to a meal with the family. Don’t take time making a meal and messying up the kitchen. Instead reserve a table at a great restaurant in town. Are you looking for a fancy restaurant with elegant dishes, or maybe something a bit more casual for everyone to enjoy with some comfort food? Whatever your needs, there are plenty of great places to eat around Listowel, Ontario, Canada for Mother’s Day in May 2018!

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Best Lake Huron Views in Southern Ontario, Canada

The Canadian Shores of Lake Huron are Yours to Discover

Best Lake Huron Views in Southern Ontario, Canada

Here in Listowel, we are blessed to be located almost in the middle of southern Ontario and surrounded by three of the Great Lakes: Huron, Erie, and Ontario. Technically, we are closer to Lake Huron, and while it might not be as famous as its Superior and Michigan siblings, “La Mer Douce” still has plenty to offer. Carved and filled by the glaciers from previous ice ages, Lake Huron is 750 feet deep (maximum) and is home to a multitude of geological wonders, countless species of flora and fauna, several shipwrecks (10 of which went down during the Storm of 1913), and – of course – many picturesque views. Here are a few of our favorite views of Lake Huron in southern Ontario that are yours to discover. Read the rest of this entry >>