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Ford BLIS® with Cross-Traffic Alert in action

Drive Confidently: Discover Used Cars with Advanced Blind Spot Assist 

Pre-Owned Vehicles with Blind Spot Assist in Listowel, ON 

You’re cruising down the streets in a pre-owned vehicle equipped with Blind Spot Assist. As you prepare to change lanes, a subtle warning signal alerts you to the presence of a vehicle in your blind spot, ensuring a safe and seamless maneuver. You can experience this unparalleled peace of mind by choosing pre-owned vehicles with Blind Spot Assist in Listowel, ON, at Stop 23 Auto Sales. 

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A man using his phone while being on the road

The Dangers of Texting While Driving: A Silent Killer on the Road

Alarming Consequences of Texting While Driving

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected through mobile devices has become necessary. Unfortunately, this desire for constant connectivity has led to a dangerous trend: texting while driving. What may seem like a harmless action has proven to be a silent killer on our roads. Stop 23 Auto Sales Ltd is committed to raising awareness about this issue and advocating for safer roads for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the alarming consequences of texting while driving and highlight the importance of breaking this dangerous habit.  

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Front end of the Nissan Altima showing the glowing headlights and fog lights at night

How Do I Clean My Car’s Foggy Headlights at Home?

DIY Tips to Clean Foggy Headlights at Home 

Headlights are an important part of your vehicle. Not only do they let you see the road ahead in the dark, but they also help avoid obstacles on the road or make you visible to oncoming traffic. Ontario drivers often complain of foggy or hazy headlights, and that’s quite natural considering the climate in this part of the country. Falling snow, flying road debris, and even road salt can cause damage and discolouration to your headlights. If you notice your car’s headlights have become yellow, scratched, or hazy, check out these simple “how-to-clean your foggy headlights at home” DIY tips from Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON.  

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car with the hood up as a man changes the oil

10 Car Repairs that are Cheap and Easy to Do Yourself

Cars are built tough, but nothing lasts forever. Some car parts will need to be replaced or fixed from time to time. Although some repairs should be handled by the expert service technicians, other fixes are easy and can be done at home. Here are 10 easy car repairs that you can do by yourself without much cost!

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red semi-truck driving in fall country next to rocky cliff

How Do I Drive Safely Past Semi Trucks?

Safety Tips for Driving Around, Near, and Past Semi Trucks

No one likes having semi trucks near them when on the road. We’d guess that semi truck drivers don’t appreciate a lot of traffic either. So, what should you do when driving near semi trucks? How should you stay safe? What do you need to know? Is it ok to pass them? We’re here to help with some safety tips about driving around, near, and past semi trucks!

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purple seat belt latches set atop a colorful floor carpet

Driving and Vehicle Tips to Make your Car Safer

Additional Car and Vehicle Safety Instructions and Measures

There are many advanced safety features and driver assistance technology that come with current cars in this day and age. However, what are drivers who own older and used cars to do to keep safe? There is good news on that front. While an older car model might not be able to combat such features as a 360° camera system and autonomous breaking found on more advanced and newer models, there are still several things you can do to improve your car’s safety on the road. Here are our top driving safety tips from Stop 23 Auto Sales.

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many cars parked bumper to bumper on the side of a road for parallel parking

Parallel Parking: A 10 Step Guide

How to Parallel Park Instructions and Guide

Parallel parking is an incredibly useful tool available within the arsenal of every driver. Rather than driving around and around, looking for a better spot, parallel parking allows drivers many more options for parking spaces. Of course, that means that you’ll need to know how to parallel park, and many drivers are afraid to attempt parallel parking for fear of failing.  However, once you know the steps, parallel parking seems much less intimidating, and even rather easy. Here at Stop 23 Auto Sales, we’ve helped design a simple, step-by-step guide on how to parallel park!

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