Exterior shot of the 2016 Honda Pilot moving on a road

Top 3 Tips for Buying Pre-owned Vehicles You Must Know

What Are the Tips to Keep in Mind before Buying Pre-owned Vehicles? 

Buying used cars is an excellent way to get behind the wheel of a vehicle without paying exorbitant prices for new models. And, with vehicle prices reaching new highs in recent months due to the pandemic and semiconductor shortage, choosing to go for a preowned car can help you save money. Continue to read the post by Stop 23 Auto Sales, Listowel, ON, to learn more about the tips for buying pre-owned vehicles. 

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a technician working on a car

Maintenance tips for vehicle owners

What are important maintenance tips for a car? 

Whether you’ve been driving for a long time or just bought a new car, you know that the most important part of road safety is maintaining your vehicle. If your car is in good condition, it will perform incredibly well while keeping you safe on the road. Therefore, providing your vehicle with the proper care and maintenance should be at the top of your priority list. That said, our team at Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON, has put together a list of important maintenance tips for a car. Please keep reading to see how you can prolong the life of your vehicle by keeping it in optimal condition.  

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