Front grilles of trucks at a dealership

What’s the Difference Between Body on Frame and Unibody Construction?

When shopping for a used vehicle, you might see that some of them are described as body on frame or unibody. Unless you’re an automotive expert or a big fan of everything related to vehicles, you most likely don’t know what this means. Body on frame and unibody are the different types of body construction. What is the difference between body on frame and unibody construction? Keep reading this blog to find out!

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car in shop with brake disc exposed

Where Can I Get My Brakes Replaced in Listowel, ON?

Our vehicles are made up of many moving and stationary parts that help them run smoothly. Many of these of these parts need to be replaced every couple thousand of miles or at least once a year. However, there are some parts, like your brakes, that don’t necessarily follow a timeline for repair/replacement. If you think it’s time for your brakes to be replaced, come schedule an appointment at Stop 23 Auto Sales right here in Listowel, ON. Otherwise, keep reading to learn the signs that you need new brakes.

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