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When is it time to give up on your vehicle?

When should you stop putting money into your car?

Ole Bessie has done it again. Last month she had coolant leaks and transmission issues. The month before that, she had to get some rewiring in order for the dashboard lights to start working again. Now, ole Bessie, astonishingly, has a hole in her floor. Yes, you are that close to actually driving a Flintstones automobile. You sigh with frustration. You love your car. Ole Bessie has been with you in good times and bad for many years. But lately you have been putting in more and more money to fix her up. Is it worthwhile anymore? When should you stop putting money into your car? Read on for a few of our suggestions.  Read the rest of this entry >>


DIY tricks for keeping frost off of your windshield

Canada is known for its snowy climate, which means for many months out of the year, we deal with snow and frost covering our cars and windshields. Luckily, there are a bunch of tips and tricks out there for keeping ice and frost from staying on your windshield. But how do you know which ones work and which ones don’t? That’s where we come in! Read on and we’ll fill you in on our tried-and-true methods!  Read the rest of this entry >>