Woman with motion sickness signs

How to Avoid Motion Sickness During Long Road Trips?

A Few Important Tips to Avoid Motion Sickness 

Motion sickness develops when your brain has trouble processing data from your body, ears, and eyes. In a car, plane, boat, or even on a ride at an amusement park, the motion might make you feel restless, clammy, or sick to your stomach. Some people pass gas. Motion sickness can be present as airsickness, seasickness, or automobile sickness. Those who have never experienced motion sickness in a car are fortunate. We can all agree that it is unpleasant and generally uncomfortable. Join us in this blog by team Stop 23 Auto Sales as we discuss the important tips to avoid motion sickness during long road trips.  

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Vehicle passing through potholes on the road

How to Avoid Vehicle Damages Caused by Potholes?

Top Tips to Avoid Vehicle Damage due to Potholes!  

One of the most frequent driving risks is potholes. All drivers must understand how to avoid, drive over, report, and take care of their vehicles when damage occurs. Extreme weather conditions often result in potholes. However, not all potholes are caused by climate change. According to TRIP, a national transportation research organization, 27% of the country’s leading metropolitan roads are thought to be in poor condition. Join us in this blog by team Stop 23 Auto Sales as we discuss the top tips to avoid vehicle damage due to potholes. 

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