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Technician checking a vehicle

Where Can I Get Front-End Alignment for My Vehicle in Listowel, ON?

Get Your Vehicle’s Front End Aligned at Stop 23 in Listowel, ON

Are you noticing uneven tire wear, steering wheel vibrations, or a drifting sensation while driving? These are telltale signs that your vehicle’s front-end alignment may be off. Neglecting this crucial aspect of car maintenance can lead to further issues, literally and figuratively. Fortunately, Stop 23 in Listowel, ON, is your one-stop destination for top-notch front-end alignment services.

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Brake disc and brake pad

Brake Replacement Service in Listowel, ON

Get Affordable Brake Adjustment or Repair Services in Listowel, ON  

When it comes to vehicular safety, there’s one crucial component that should never be neglected – the brakes. Reliable brakes are paramount for every driver’s peace of mind. At Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON, we provide top-notch brake repair services to ensure the safety of our customers on the road. Read on to learn why brake adjustments and repairs are essential.  

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Staff seeing off the customer

The Ultimate Checklist for Safe and Secure Used Car Purchase

Top Safety Checks to Make Before Buying a Used Car 

Safety and reliability should be at the top of your list when buying a used car. Purchasing a used car can be a smart financial and environmental decision, but taking necessary precautions is crucial to ensure you’re not getting a lemon. In this blog post by Stop 23 Auto Sales Ltd, we’ll discuss the top safety checks you should make before buying a used car. By following these checks, you can feel confident in your purchase and make a more informed decision.  

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A couple at a fine dining restaurant

What are the best restaurants near Listowel, ON?

Top 3 Restaurants to visit in Listowel, ON

Located in the Municipality of North Perth, the city of Listowel is a small community in Ontario. Planning to dine out with your friends and family in a welcoming restaurant in Listowel, ON? We have got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about the top 3 restaurants for you to visit in this area presented to you by Stop 23 auto-dealership in Listowel, ON.

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