Side view of a car driving through the snow

How Can I Safely Drive in Snow and Ice?

Living in Canada, we know that winter lasts for several months. Not only do we have to break out our hats and mittens, but we also need to deal with snow. While most of us have learned how to drive on the snow and ice covered roads, we thought we would share tips for the new drivers. If you’re a new driver or you need a refresher, check out our tips for driving safely in the snow and ice below!

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A car mat

How Do I Remove Road Salt from the Exterior and Interior of My Vehicle?

We all know that Canadian winters can last for several months. This means that the roads and sidewalks are salted almost regularly to improve traction for drivers and pedestrians. However, road salt can create a lot of damage to your vehicle if it builds up. Today, we will be teaching you how to remove road salt from both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Read on to start learning!

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