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How do I know if it is time to change my Tires?

Easy tip to find out if you should replace your tires 

Tires begin to wear out depending on their age, exposure to elements, and their tread depth. Looking out for these three factors will help you decide if it is time to change your tires. Join us at Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON, and we will tell you an easy tip to find out if you should replace your tires. Continue reading for more information.  

When should I replace my tires?  

Tread-wear plays an integral role in your safety. A tire with a worn-out tread would not be responsive enough in adverse weather conditions, and you will find yourself losing the grip of your vehicle, especially in the snow and rain. Worn-out tires can also lead to wear and tear in other parts of your car.   

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Image of a worn out tire

You are expected to maintain a tread depth of 12/32″ for regular cars and 15/32″ for heavy-duty vehicles. To check your tire’s tread depth, you can conduct the Penny Test. For this, you will need a penny or a quarter. Place the penny in the gap between the treads with the President’s head turned upside down facing you. If the entire head is visible to you, you should immediately replace your tire. You should also keep a check on the age of your tire, which can be found on the surface of your tire. Exposure to extreme weather conditions also hampers your tires, so keep a lookout for these other factors as well.   

Image of a penny test being carried out

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