mechanic checking the wheel of a vehicle

What is the Difference Between Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment?

Have you been noticing that your ride isn’t as smooth as it used to be? Does it feel like something is wrong with your wheels? If so, it might be time to schedule an appointment at Stop 23 Auto Sales Service Center in Listowel, ON. However, before you make that appointment, you need to figure out which wheel service you need to get done. Many people are confused about whether they need their wheels balanced or aligned. Today, we will be discussing the difference between wheel balancing and wheel alignment.

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A group of vehicles driving on road

What Are the Weirdest Driving Laws in Canada?

When you get your license, you’re expected to follow the rules of the road. While most of us follow these rules, with the exception of the accidental lead foot, there might be some laws you didn’t know existed. These laws are some of the weirdest rules that make you wonder, “How did that law come about?” Join us today as we take a look at some of the weirdest driving laws in Canada!

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