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What Should You Do After Purchasing a Used Car?

Next Steps After Buying a Used Car

Have you recently purchased a pre-owned vehicle? If so, do you know what you are supposed to do next? If not, then you will find the following information tremendously helpful! There are a few key steps that you will need to take after your purchase. If you fail to complete these steps, there could be very significant repercussions in your future! Luckily, the staff at Stop 23 Auto in Listowel, ON is here to help! Let’s examine your next steps after buying a used car tougher!

Insure Your Used Vehicle

The first step that you must take after purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is to have it insured by your insurance company. If you are buying your first vehicle, then you will need to find an insurance company that is both licensed in your province and has a policy that includes third-party liability for $200,000. Once your vehicle is fully insured, you will need to make sure that you carry the liability insurance card in your vehicle while you drive.

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Register Your Used Vehicle

Only after you have obtained insurance can you take your vehicle to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to register your vehicle. In order to register your vehicle, you will need to have the following documents:

  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Purchase
  • Original Vehicle Permit
  • Safety and Emissions Test Certificates
  • Completed Used Vehicle Inspection Package Forms

When you have completed your registration, you will be able to purchase license plates and receive your validation stickers.

Maintain Your Used Vehicle

Finally, you will want to make sure to find a trusted auto mechanic who has experience working with the make and model vehicle you purchased. This step does not need to be completed with as much haste as the prior two steps. However, we encourage you to complete this step relatively quickly in case an issue arises with your vehicle.

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