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How Can You Make Sure That Your Vehicle Runs Strong For a Long Time?

5 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Vehicle Running as Long as Possible

Are you trying to find out how to keep your current vehicle running for as long as possible? If so, then you have come to the right place! The staff here at Stop 23 Auto works extensively with used vehicles and understands how to keep used vehicles and older vehicles running at peak performance for as long as possible. If you follow the tips below, you are much more likely to help keep your vehicle running for a long time! Let’s explore these tips together!

1. Park Your Car in the Garage as Often as Possible

If you keep your vehicle out of the elements, it is more likely to last longer. Here in Listowel, ON, we face nearly every type of weather imaginable from snow, to rain, to the hot sun! Park your car in the garage as often as you can to prevent it from being negatively affected by the elements.

2. Stay up to Date with Your Car’s Maintenance Schedule

A car that has been properly mechanically maintained is significantly more likely to run strong for a long period of time. If you have your car’s original owner’s manual, then you should follow the maintenance schedule it recommends. If not, then you will want to try and find the manual online or follow generic maintenance recommendations you can find.

3. Clean the Interior and Exterior of Your Car Often

We encourage that you keep your vehicle’s interior and exterior clean as well. This is more of a cosmetic issue and plays more of a role in resale or trade-in value. However, some exterior and interior issues can cause significant problems with the vehicle if not properly addressed.

4. Try to Keep Your Car’s Mileage as Low as Possible

Vehicles that drive fewer miles tend to last longer. If you have a short commute and use a particular vehicle for longer road trips, then your vehicle will likely last for quite a long time. While this trick is important, we do not suggest making drastic life changes to shorten your commute as long as you follow the next tip.

5. Make Sure That You Drive Your Car Carefully

If you have a long commute, then driving carefully can play a huge role in how long your vehicle lasts. We recommend that you avoid accelerating quickly or braking hard when it isn’t necessary. Coasting to stop signs and gradually accelerating can really reduce the excess wear and tear on your vehicle!

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