Best Lake Huron Views in Southern Ontario, Canada

The Canadian Shores of Lake Huron are Yours to Discover

Best Lake Huron Views in Southern Ontario, Canada

Here in Listowel, we are blessed to be located almost in the middle of southern Ontario and surrounded by three of the Great Lakes: Huron, Erie, and Ontario. Technically, we are closer to Lake Huron, and while it might not be as famous as its Superior and Michigan siblings, “La Mer Douce” still has plenty to offer. Carved and filled by the glaciers from previous ice ages, Lake Huron is 750 feet deep (maximum) and is home to a multitude of geological wonders, countless species of flora and fauna, several shipwrecks (10 of which went down during the Storm of 1913), and – of course – many picturesque views. Here are a few of our favorite views of Lake Huron in southern Ontario that are yours to discover.

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Bruce Peninsula

We can’t talk about spectacular Lake Huron views without mentioning Bruce Peninsula. This little piece of Heaven offers eastern, northern, and western views of the lake from numerous locations. Favorite places to visit include the Bruce Peninsula National Park, the Fathom Five National Marine Park (including Flowerpot Island – pictured above), the Niagara Escarpment and Grotto landforms, numerous trails, and several lighthouses (especially the Cove Island Light and Lion’s Head Lighthouse).

Manitoulin Island

To the north of the Bruce Peninsula is Manitoulin Island, which is the world’s largest freshwater lake island. To get to the island from the peninsula, you will need to take a ferry – which will give you some awesome all-around views of the majestic Lake Huron. Manitoulin Island is heavily forested, so it is the perfect place to visit in the autumn season when the leaves are ablaze in color. A popular attraction is the Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail, which offers spectacular viewpoints containing both land and water.

Kettle Point, Ontario

Kettle Point is lauded as one of the most beautiful locations on Lake Huron. It was named for the many “kettles” – also known as “Thunderbird Eggs” – which are spherical rocks left by the glaciers that now rest along the shoreline. The Lake Road runs along the shores of the point so you can enjoy spectacular views for miles. And if you are hoping to enjoy some fun in the sun, Ipperwash Beach to the north is a favorite destination.

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