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What are the Best Car Games for Road Trips?

Games to Play in the Car for Families, Adults, and Kids

Planning a summer vacation road trip with your family or friends? If you’re traveling across the country by car then you’ll want to plan some games to play to pass the time. Whether you want games for kids, adults, or for the entire family to enjoy, we’ve found some wonderful options for all!

List of Car Game Options

For Kids

Alphabet Game

Pick a topic, and go through the alphabet naming things. You can choose animals, songs, movies, etc.

Car Bingo

Make some cheap bingo boards to spot car colors or types of cars.

Connect the Dots/Hangman/Madlibs/Tic Tac Toe

Find some activities books with these activities.

The Silent Game

Whoever speaks first loses!

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For Adults

Explain a Film Plot Badly

What it sounds like. 1 Guy is 2 Guys: Fight Club. Pocahontas with Blue People: Avatar.

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Make up a story. Back a forth, list good things that happen (Fortunately) and then bad things that happen (Unfortunately) to progress.

Name That Tune

Find an obscure radio station or playlist and make it a guessing to see who can figure out the song first!

Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever _____.” Everyone else has to guess if you’re telling the truth or lying.

Six Degrees of Separation

Pick 2 different actors and see if you can connect them to one another in 6 steps or less!

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For Families (For All)

20 Questions

Someone pick a topic and the rest have to find the answer by asking 20 questions!

Don’t Say It

Pick a word or phrase and see how long you can go through a conversation without someone saying it.

I Spy

Find something inside or outside the car and see if people can discover what it is!

License Plate Alphabet

See if you can spell the entire alphabet through license plates on the road.

The Name Game

Pick a category. Countries. Actors. Movies. After the first person names something in the category, the next person has to name something new starting with the last letter of the previous entry.

Two Truths and a Lie

Name 2 things that are true about you and 1 Lie. Everyone else has to guess which is the lie.

Would You Rather

Would you rather do this? Or do this?

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