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Why is the Regular Maintenance of Your Windshield Wipers Important?

Windshield Wiper Maintenance Services Available Near Listowel, ON  

Windshield Wipers might be small, but they play an essential role in keeping you safe, especially during extreme weather conditions. With just a push of a button, wipers remove snow, raindrops, frost, and dirt to offer good visibility. Therefore, your wipers should be in tip-top shape. Over time, their effectiveness and flexibility are reduced. Join Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON, as we tell you the importance of windshield wipers. Read ahead to know more about it!  

Automobile experts recommend changing your wiper blades every six months to a year, depending on climate conditions. However, there are few signs indicating that you need new windshield wipers:  

Signs that windshield wipers need to be replaced  

  • A squeaking noise when wipers are working 
  • Smear on your windshield  
  • Wipers don’t move quickly when activated  

Why should you service your vehicle on time? 

The main function of windshield wipers is to produce better visibility for the driver, and if you avoid its maintenance, you will be jeopardizing your safety. In addition, if wipers are not replaced at the right time, the windshield can be damaged by the bare metal or plastic wiper arm, leading to costly repairs.  

Windshield wipers working during rain
Mechanic holding the windshield wiper

From cleaning your wipers to using them on wet windshields, there are many small things that you can do to maintain your windshield wipers.  

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If you want to get your windshield wipers checked, schedule service at Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON. Our friendly team will thoroughly inspect the vehicle and let you know what’s wrong with it. Individuals thinking of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle are requested to browse our inventory and take a test drive of the desired model. Get more such information from our blogs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!