Image of automotive technicians inspecting a vehicle's undercarriage

What Makes My Car Squeak?

Some people take their love for cars seriously and can tell you the exact kind of bolt a certain tire uses. Other people are just happy to know the difference between the brake and the gas pedal. Both groups are sure to make sure their car is at least taken care of and kept healthy. 

It can be hard to know what the problem is sometimes, but it can be easy to tell when there is a problem. An odd noise is one of the first things people notice if their car starts feeling off. Cars make a lot of noise, but it is very easy to tell when one of the sounds isn’t part of the usual cacophony. Squeaking noises can stand out the most because their high pitch isn’t typical in a car, but what does it mean? 

Why Does My Car Squeak When Driving? 

There are a lot of different things that can introduce a squeaking sound to your car. It could be as simple as a worn-out cam belt that just needs to be replaced. A touchy steering wheel system might also be the culprit if you are low on power steering fluid. Worn-out ball joints in the steering system might also cause a problem with squeaking. 

Image of a service technician conducting an engine inspection
Image of a service technician working on the engine of a vehicle

Other mechanical problems could also create the noise. Brake pads are designed to make noise when they are wearing out, so it might be time to look at getting them replaced. If the squeak is accompanied by a burning smell, then it might be a sign of a problem alternator. Uneven tires can even create a squeaking noise. If you think something is off with your car, then getting professional help is never a bad idea. 

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