Exterior view of a red 2018 Ford F-150

Where Can You Buy Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles in Listowel ON?

Pre-Owned Ford Models at Stop 23 Auto

Are you in the market for quality, pre-owned Ford vehicles in the Listowel, ON area? If so, then you should visit us here at Stop 23 Auto in Listowel, ON today! We have a number of excellent pre-owned Ford vehicles within our inventory for customers to explore! Join us as we highlight some of the best vehicles that we have available in our pre-owned Ford inventory today!

Pre-Owned Ford Coupes and Sedans

Ford is not as well-known for its sedans and hatchbacks as it is for its large vehicles and powerful coupes like the Ford Mustang. We frequently have Ford sedans and hatchbacks in our inventory like the Ford Fusion, Ford Taurus, and Ford Focus. Currently, there is a 2018 Ford Focus ST available in our inventory for customers to explore. We also have two Ford Mustang models available in our inventory currently—a 2017 Mustang EcoBoost and a 2010 Mustang Shelby GT500.

Exterior view of a red 2017 Ford Mustang

Exterior view of a blue 2019 Ford Escape

Pre-Owned Ford Crossovers and SUVs

Ford manufactures a number of excellent crossovers and SUVs. Eventually, Ford will be focused on these vehicles and no longer manufacture sedans and hatchbacks. There are currently a few excellent Ford crossovers and SUV models in our inventory including a 2019 Ford Edge, a 2019 Ford Explorer, a 2017 Ford Escape, and a 2017 Ford Expedition.

Pre-Owned Ford Trucks and Cargo Vans

The most popular Ford vehicles in our inventory are the Ford F-150 and the Ford Super Duty models we have available. We currently have 11 F-150 models and 2 Super Duty models in our inventory. Ford cargo vans are also relatively popular in our inventory as well! We have one 2018 Ford Transit Van model and two 2018 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon models in our inventory for customers to explore!

Visit us here at Stop 23 Auto in Listowel, ON to explore all the excellent pre-owned Ford vehicles we have available in our inventory today!

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