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Where can I find used classic cars in Listowel, ON?

Used classic cars in Listowel, ON 

The best way to feel like you traveled back in time is by driving a classic car. Vehicle lovers looking for a classic car in Listowel don’t have to search too far. Keep reading to learn where you can find your next prized possession.  

Head over to Stop 23 Auto Sales 

As a family-owned business located in Listowel, ON, Stop 23 Auto Sales has proudly served the community for over 35 years. Stop 23 Auto Sales’ inventory has top brands like Jeep, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford and more on its lot. The dealership has some great classic cars on its lot for those interested in growing their investments, have the experience of driving an old car or for their love of the brand. 

Classic vehicles we currently offer on our lot 

1970 Ford Mustang Boss

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 

The first generation of the Ford Mustang is one of the most collectible vehicles. There were only 500 units sold, which makes this vehicle highly sought after. 

A vintage Pontiac model

1970 Pontiac GTO 

The 1970-year model of the Pontiac GTO had its styling altered to give it a new Endura nose with exposed headlamps and revised rump and bodyside creases.  

A vintage Pontiac model

1964 Pontiac Bonneville 

This vehicle model was in production from 1957 until 2005. This full-sized vehicle was one of the largest vehicles Pontiac ever built the Bonneville remained the costliest and most luxurious model in the Pontiac lineup. 

Ford F100

1951 Ford F100 

As one of the pivotal members of Ford’s “Bonus Built” line of post-war trucks, the Ford F100 was known for its “living-room” comfort. The 1951 model introduced a new front end, revised fenders, and moved the gearshift to the steering column. 

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Check out our online inventory for our current selections 

If you are in the market for a new (or old) vehicle, check out our online inventory. You can see our most up to date listings and filter through features, year, color, brand and model to find exactly what you are looking for.  

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