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Where can I find the best pre-owned trucks near Listowel, ON?

Stop 23 Auto Sales offers top-quality used trucks 

If a pick-up truck is not used intensely and has been properly maintained, then opting for such a pre-owned model is a smart choice. Are you in search of such used trucks near the Listowel area in Ontario? Look no further than Stop 23 Auto Sales in the locality and find top-quality certified and inspected pick-up trucks that match your requirement. 

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Top 5 benefits of purchasing a pre-owned pickup truck 

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  • Affordability: the most obvious reason for owning a pre-owned pickup truck is that it will be cheaper than a brand-new model. You can get great deals from Stop 23 Auto Sales for used models which will fit your budget. 
  • Wider options: when it comes to choosing a pre-owned model, the options become wider. You could even find a great collection of trucks from the previous model years having almost the same number of features as the most recent model. 
  • Lower depreciation: the rate at which the value of a pre-owned truck depreciates is much less than that of a brand-new model. So, even if you are planning to sell it off in another couple of years, the depreciation will not have much of an impact on the sale. 
  • Lesser insurance costs: the insurance premium of a brand-new vehicle is quite high when compared to the pre-owned model. The money you are saving here can be used to add extra accessories and safety equipment to your truck. 
  • Option to own certified pre-owned models: at Stop 23 Auto Sales, you have an option to buy a pre-owned pickup truck that is thoroughly inspected and certified by an OEM or an authority. Certain pre-owned vehicle programs also offer warranties, servicing, and other benefits. 

Visit Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON 

Please feel free to swing by Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON, and test drive the pre-owned trucks available in our inventory. You can also contact our friendly dealership staff at (888) 998-4450 for any further information. 

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