happy and fluffy white dog with goggles in a plastic car pretending to drive

How Can I Make My Car Dog-Friendly?

Creating a Dog and Pet-Friendly Vehicle

Do you own a dog? Do you own a car? Do you take your dog in the car? Does your dog like to stick its head out the window? Most dogs do.

How Hot Can the Inside of My Car Get?

Alongside walks, dogs love getting rides in the car. They start sticking their tongue out to smile and wagging their tails. They know that they’ll be getting out of the house and taken on a trip to somewhere! That’s great. However, you need to make sure your dog is safe when riding in the car. Think of what would happen if you got in a crash when your dog was in the car. Therefore, we’ve found some great ways to make your car safe and dog-friendly!

Here are questions you need to ask yourself:

german shepherd dog sticking its head out with tongue out window for the wind of a car on a sunny day in the country

woman sitting and hugging dog on open trunk of a vehicle while parked on the side of a forest road at sunset

Can My Dog Get In and Out of the Car?

First off, unless your dog is tiny enough to pick up, it needs to get in and out of your vehicle on your own. That means a vehicle with lower ground clearance is needed, or at least some sort of step for trucks and SUVs with a higher ground clearance.

Additionally, you need to think of your dog’s breed and age. Bigger dogs with little legs (such as some bulldogs and pugs) won’t be able to jump well, and older dogs can have trouble with their legs. You don’t want them to trip and fall when trying to get in or out of your car. Choose wisely when buying a car and consider what will work for your dog.

Does My Dog Have Space to Sit?

It’s safer for your dog if it’s sitting when in the car. If it’s standing, sudden stops can easily throw it off balance. However, your dog won’t sit down if it doesn’t think there’s room. Make sure your dog’s spot is cleaned off so it can sit and be safe.

Does My Dog Shed a Lot?

This point isn’t really about safety, but it’s an important consideration when buying a car. How much does your dog shed, and is your car easy to clean? Your car will be leaving fur behind in your car, so you’ll want to make sure your seats have a material that is easy to vacuum and/or wipe down.

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There are more things to consider, but this is a good starting point when buying a car for you and your pet. For more tips and tricks for everyday driving, make sure to check out our blog here at Stop 23. Additionally, give us a call if you have any questions or need to schedule any vehicle service. Our staff is understanding and helpful no matter your need. The dealership of Stop 23 is located in Listowel, Ontario, Canada! Keep your good boy or good girl safe!