Stop 23 Celebrates 30 Years With Second Location

After 30 years, Stop 23 Auto Sales Ltd. is looking back on their successes, as well as looking ahead by expanding to a second location.
Stop 23 president Scott Davidson said the company marked their 30th 
anniversary earlier this year in April, after starting in 1981 as an auto 
wholesale operation in Palmerston. The move to Listowel came in 1991 and a retail operation was opened at 925 Wallace Ave. North, across the street from Stop 23's current location at 910 Wallace Ave. North, which was purchased in 1995.

Davidson said Stop 23 employs 40 people in Canada and four in the U.S. and they are a large part of the company's success, as well as being able to 
change with the times when needed. "A real competitive sales culture is what has driven us this far," he said. You're only as good as your first 30 years, so you have to work hard and work smart."

Stop 23 has always been a family business, with sons Jason Davidson and 
Justin Davidson the respective general manager and service manager in 
Listowel. Scott said the Orangeville business was purchased in April this year as a need to expand 
and to do business closer to the Greater Toronto Area. "It's gone over quite well, to be honest with you," Davidson said. "What we're seeing so far is higher than we could ever expect."  Davidson said he had been looking at expanding for the past four years, but it was important to find the right location that shared the same business model as Stop 23. Orangeville Motors fit the requirements of being family-owned for the past 28 years with a spotless reputation in the community.

"Those are the key factors we needed to consider purchasing any other 
dealership," Davidson said.  There is further expansion on the horizon as independent dealerships rise in popularity and are now selling the majority of used cars in Ontario.  "We're seeing growth in our industry," Davidson said. "The strategy is to stay within reach of the GTA and continue to function in a rural environment."

Special financing for corporations and self employed

RBC Automotive Finance ( BusinessVehicle Solution ) is now available at Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, Ont. This is a great opportunity for self employed individuals to take advantage of this lending facility..
The advantage of buying a slightly used car or truck, combined with rates and terms that will fit your company needs.

Stop 23 Auto Sales Launches New Web Site

Stop 23 Auto Sales and Orangeville Motors launched a new web site,  This new site highlights both inventories of both stores.We realize its hard to find low milage trucks and suvs, so we compiled only the best and unique trucks and suvs on this site to make it easy for our customers to shop.

Stop 23 launches new Reverse Auction!

Finally, a dealership takes out all the rigors of buying a vehicle.

By simplifying the purchasing process via reverse auction , customers enjoy prices dropping on a daily basis.  With Stop 23's new Reverse Auction, select vehicles reduce in price automatically every day until they're sold.

This is an industry FIRST. 

Company President Scott Davidson said "to the best of my knowledge, this has never been done before, and we're very excited to be bringing this to the marketplace.  I realized that the used car industry is a cost-based market-driven industry, and that consumers are not easily parted with their money on a used car purchase. They want the very best deal, and our Reverse Auction brings it to them."

Winner of " 2010 Readers' Choice Award"

In October 2010, Stop 23 Auto Sales was voted "Readers' Choice" award for Favourite Car Dealership in Listowel and surrounding area.  Owner, Scott Davidson was pleased and said "On behalf of myself and my staff, I would like to thank all the participants in the survey for their support and voting Stop 23 Auto Sales #1"


Customers are often confused with the auto industry.  Prices of new vehicles have huge swings depending on programs and incentives offered by the manufacturer.  The question is, why is there such a difference in the price for a trade-in from one dealership to the next?  Simply put, a trade appraisal is an opinion - and opinions are derived by the managers that do the appraisals at the dealership.

This can affect the value of your trade-in by as much as 10% to 20%.  At Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, 56% of our business relies on a proper trade appraisal.  An appraisal must be accurate and generous, or we stand the chance of losing the customer to our competition.

High volume dealerships have many strengths, one of which is the ability of the managers get the most money for each trade-in to make a deal.

Various clunker programs have taken out a large inventory of used vehicles in North America.  These vehicles are recycled and scrapped, never to be sold again.  This puts upward price pressures on vehicles that are generally $3,500 and up.

So remember, your trade-in does count!

Scott Davidson

Stop 23 Auto Sales Ltd.


On October 28th, 2015, the North Perth Chamber of Commerce awarded Stop 23
Auto Sales Ltd. with the "Business of the Year" Award, for Listowel and
North Perth.

This category recognizes businesses with 20 or more employees that have
demonstrated excellence, innovation, and customer service, with a focus on
environmental awareness and wellness and safety for their employees.

Scott Davidson, President of Stop 23 Auto Sales Ltd. said he was honored to
receive this prestigious award again!

The US dollar has a large effect on the Canadian used car market. Since July 2014 the US dollar has strengthened 20 % , against the canadian dollar. That means your trade for a newer vehicle has gone up in value in the last year.Certain models are hot in the US market.

 Shop your trade and visit us at Stop 23 Auto Sales.we have US buyers waiting to pay top dollar for your trade.